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额定功率:0.55 ~ 315 kW                            Rated output:0.55 ~ 315 kW
机座号:80 ~ 355                                       Frame Size:80 ~ 355
电压与频率:380 V 50Hz,                          Rated voltage:380V 50Hz,
380 /660 V 50Hz                                         380 /660 V 50Hz
冷却方式:IC411                                        Cooling method:IC411
隔爆标志:Ex d IIB T4 Gb                           Flame proof marking:Ex d IIB T4 Gb
防护等级:IP55                                          Protection degree:IP55
绝缘系统:F 级                                          Insulation class:F
注油装置:机座号为 250 ~ 355 的               Re-greasing device: Frame size 250~355
电机标配                                                   motor standard
环境温度:-20 ~ 40 ºC                              Coolant temperature:-20 ~ 40 ºC
海拔高度:不超过 1000 m                          Site altitude:Up to 1000 m above sea level

SIMOTICS XP 1MB0061 ( 简称"1MB0061") 系列高效隔爆型三相异步电动机是全封闭、自扇冷高效电动机,其效率满足GB18613-2012 能效等级 3 级标准要求,以及IEC60034-30 标准的IE2能效等级。该系列具有性能优良,使用安全可靠,振动小、噪声低等特点,并且符合环保要求;其生产设备采用先进的数控机床设备、引用西门子先进的绝缘结构设计以及制造工艺,采用优质的冷轧硅钢片以及经过严格质量检测与控制的高品质轴承。1MB0061 系列电动机防爆性能符合 GB3836.1-2010《爆炸性气体环境用电气设备第 1 部分:通用要求》和 GB3836.2-2010《爆炸性气体环境用电气设备第 2 部分:隔爆型“d”》的规定适用的场所:- Ex d IIB T4 Gb 适用于工厂用 II 类 B 级,温度组别为 T4 组爆炸性气体混合物存在的环境。1MB0061系列危险环境用高效隔爆型三相异步电动机,标准防爆级别达到 Ex d ll B T4 Gb,广泛适用于石化工厂等危险场所。

SIMOTICS XP 1MB0061 (short as "1MB0061") series flameproofthree-phase asynchronous motors is totally enclosed fan cooledstructure, whose efficiency is in accordance with GB18613-2012 Grade 3 standard. and IE2 according to IEC60034-30. This series of products has high performance, safe and reliable use,small vibration, low noise characteristics, and conforms to the requirements of environmental protection;The production equipments employ the advanced CNC machine tools, reference Siemens advanced insulation structure design and manufacturing process, adopt the cold rolled silicon steel sheets of excellent quality and high quality bearings that passed strict quality inspection and control. 1MB0061 series flameproof motors meet the standard of GB3836.1-2010 and GB3836.2-2010, it can be applied in the
following areas:
- Ex d IIB T4 Gb Suitable for factory where explosive gas atmosphere in Group II B and Temperature. classes T4 exists. 1MB0061 series flameproof three-phase motors, are designed for "Ex d ll B T4 Gb" as standard. Motors are widely applied in chemical, oil and gas industries.



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